Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little tapas anyone?

I think we have narrowed down our choices to Spain and Portugal. Not only do these countries appear to have the best weather through the fall, they also promise to be full of beauty, adventure, great food and a fabulous culture.

Some interesting tidbits on Barcelona:
  • Pick pockets appear to be in large number in Barcelona. Thanks to Two and a Half Men, Jimmy is already planning all of his hiding spots for his money - in his shoes, money belt, inner zipped pocket in his boxers and of course a stuffed moose head fannypack as a decoy!
  • Barcelona has one of the highest air molecule content of cocaine. Although no need to be be alarmed, you will need to inhale the Barcelona air daily for numerous years to absorb the equivalent of a normal dose.
  • Tipping isn't expected. Apparently servers can make the same wages in Spain as admin assistants.
  • Tapas isn't a traditional Spanish meal. It has emerged from another tradition of going out for 'Vermut' on Sunday mornings which meant light food and drinks.