Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meeting a new cousin

Because the picnic was cancelled, Uncle Terry and family headed over to mom and dad's farm with the newest addition (well the newest addition to their family but not to the Berkan family - mercies!). Her name is Angel and she is absolutely adorable.

Since I am the furthest away, I got to snuggle her the most - yeah!!!

The Berkans have a tradition that started way back before I can remember

Every May long weekend, those who could would gather at the Hall Farm for a big family picnic

We would get there mid afternoon, spray down with mosquito spray, start a big bonfire and play various games like kick ball or frisbee. Grandpa would have a peanut scramble and sometimes take us for tractor rides. We met a couple of Grandpa's new girlfriends at the picnic, some of the aunts boyfriends and Jodi and I would sneak off to a bedroom or area by ourselves to we could talk about our school crushes.  We went for walks, ate watermelon and laughed a lot!

Soon the ladies would head into the old farm house and get the salads ready while the table was cleared and loaded with hotdogs, buns, condiments and salads.

As the sun started to go down, the men would prep the fireworks. This was my favorite part! All of us children had sparklers that we would run around with spelling our names and making hearts. Okay well at least the girls would make hearts... Then the fireworks would start. One of the uncles was charged with lighting them and running as fast as he could as we would wait and wait and wait. Finally the sky would light up with all the pretty colors and squeals would erupt from all of us.

Once the fireworks were done, we would head into the house. Have hot chocolate and coffee. Sing happy birthday to Lara. Eat cake and robin's eggs (not tim bits as robin's donuts was owned by the pool for anyone that cares)!

All too soon, it would be time to head home.

We were supposed to have a family picnic again this year. Hosted by my uncle Terry and Aunt Holly. It rained all day and so had to be cancelled. They had fireworks and sparklers. Mom bought the peanuts. We were going to eat watermelon. Oh well... maybe next year!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Life as a Soccer Aunty

As I had shared on the previous post, I had the privilege of heading back to the farm to visit the fam last weekend. I was extra excited to learn that both of the older boys had soccer games Saturday morning!

Despite threats that it would be cancelled due to weather, Saturday dawned cloudy but dry. So with coffees in hand and a van to escapte to in case the weather turned we were off.

Rhyder's game was up first. It was looking like he would be playing the whole game as Southey only had 4 of their team but by the blowing of the whistle, there was enough for 3 spares for a 4 on 4 game. The coach throws down the blanket to act as the 'bench' for the next shift and the first kick takes place.

(Rhyder on the bench waiting to sub in)

(Showing off his fancy footwork to 'turn it around')

As any good soccer aunty would be, I energetically cheered Rhyder on to scoring his goal! I was also the only person snapping a million shots on the sidelines. Oh dear! Good thing Raymore is still friendly at this age

(it is much easier to score without the goalie!! but I was still super proud!)

Chasey wasn't playing soccer but he still had me running all over the fields after him trying to snap a pic! He is too darn adorable.

(this is one of his favorite expressions)

(the tongue out is his second favorite expression)

Soon it was time for Joshua's game. With our chairs rearranged I was seated firmly between Rhyder and Chase ready to cheer my heart out!

(Rhyder's smile is so infectuous - you can't help but grin back)
Joshua is only one age group up from Rhyder's but you can certainly see their growth over last year! My old friends from Southey were saying that Joshua is turning out to be quite the soccer player - of course he is - he has Kim and Trev as parents - and me as the aunty of course!!

(I don't know if this was the play Cory had outlined on the play board but it seemed to be working well for Southey)

(his long locks are so adorable)

I hope and pray that the boys always adore me as they do now - I count it such a privilege to be their aunty!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So as you have noticed, I am sure, my travel has been on the DL as of late . . . part of this is due to project deadlines that I am under and the other part is due to a little thing called saving.

I am trying my best to become a responsible adult and save for the purchase of my new home - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp quite excited about the thought.

However, there is certainly a downside to this plan - and that is I haven't made the trek home very often, Victoria is still 'in the works' and Julie and I have taken up tea dates over the phone. But this weekend I am in for a treat!

Mom and Dad decided to surprise me with a trip home. Too fun!! The nephews have a soccer game on Saturday, seeding is well under way, the Berkan Hall Farm Picnic has moved to Uncle Terry's but still promises to be full of yummy potluck and fireworks, there are new babies to be snuggled, trips to hear all about and coffee to be drunk!

Will be sure to post pics when I am all said and done!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Canmore Getaway

The weekend was perfect . . .
after delightful road trip snacks of homemade cookies
and a scary road cleaner on the highway, we had arrived

We unpacked and headed downtown to scope out our options

A yummy little dinner and we were ready for the hot tub
Through the night we laughed and giggled,
painted and filed
talked a flurry of topics
and slept

The morning dawned clear and bright
The mountain tops sparkled in the sunlight

We drank coffee, ate yummy muffins and took our time

Then headed downtown for some shopping
A little lunch

And finally we had our 90 minutes of pampering

Thanks Sarah for a delightful weekend away
I loved every minute of it

And oh yeah - we certainly did get that third cup of deliciousness for the ride home

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Taking a little roadtrip

heading out of the city

with one of my favorite ladies

in seach of a little solace

and maybe a mountain or two

delightful dinner with 'civilized' conversation

girl talk

hot tub

girlie movies

a big fat sleep in

more girl talk

a second cup of coffee

wandering through the town

trying on hats

the luxury of a massage that lasts for an hour and a half

that's 90 minutes

that's 5400 seconds - oh yes it is

and maybe, just maybe, there might be a third cup of coffee for the drive home