Friday, November 03, 2006

Can 3 Girls Do Dublin in 56 Hours???

Oh - we are machines!!! Everything seemed to be timed perfectly - we arrive at our hotel and while we are waiting to be served - Anna arrives. Oh sweet little Anna - all the way from Gallway. It was so wonderful to see her.

And all you atlantic canadians - we now understand why you are so crazy. With every second building housing a pub and the oldest everything to be found in Dublin the three days we were here positively flew by. Some of the highlights include - Dublin Castle and the coolest mote ever (Fran and I think we need to build one to protect ourselves for the downstairs crazies we tend to attract), Christ Church Cathedral with as much detail on the floor as Notre Dame has in their ceiling, a crazy tour bus driver that yelled at us for getting on the wrong bus (oops!!), a trip to a local restaurant for dinner with live music that ended up with some locals giving us the inside scoop on all the best places to hit - the meat market, the chipper and the kebab spots!!, Kilmainham Jail (we tried to leave Anna there but they just wouldn't take her and apparently Fran is far too naive to ever end up in such a place!!), the book of Kells (how did they do it with all that beautiful artwork back in 800 ad - amazing), St. Patrick's Cathedral and its very own Strongbow coffin - whose to know he is a famous Norman knight and not just a great brew, Dublinia this crazy medieval display that had us on our toes waiting for something to jump out at us at every corner but we merely had to explain ourselves to the local pig catcher, the Malhide Castle which took us on a delightful trip into the country (man we need to extend our trip for another week - sorry Trent - Fran is feeling ahem, sick, ahem ahem!) where we got to see where Bono lived his life before he was famous (apparently our dinner invitation to his hotel for a private tete a tete was delayed in the mail!!), and some local irish entertainment.

The story of Irish entertainment is a must hear so be sure to ask us more about it upon our return!!

And now it is time to sign off! See you all soon :)


adrienne said...

bono's a small guy...i'm sure you can fit him in your suitcase...

franny...are you holding out on me??? ;)

Fran said...

bono has been stashed away in a corner where you will never find him...unless you ask nicely - then i can share

Laura H said... many purses can a girl buy?? Don't leave us hanging

Jules said...

Purses purses - i know; okay so the end count was three for myself, two for Fran and 4 as gifts.

However - the fun never stops there - I just got another new purse for my bday - Julie I love you!!!!