Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the Meantime

So, as the big countdown is on for the trips this summer I though I would provide some reading pleasure on previous trips.

And, since the first summer trip is Nova Scotia - why not start there.

As such - here it is.

Summer 2008 and I was on my first trip to Nova Scotia. It all started with a red eye flight non-stop from Calgary to Halifax.

I didn't get to see much of the city that day as we were headed straight out to Antigonish.

What a beautiful little town. It isn't a huge metropolis but the University certainly adds an additional flavor to Antigonish.

The town is also the home to a beautiful Catholic church. We were not able to attend mass there on Sunday but Clairise and I did pop in one afternoon to take some pictures. The paintings on the ceiling are absolutely incredible. I cannot remember the famous artist that did it but I am sure it is an item that is worthy of noting.

And I was certainly introduced to some of the other finer things of Antigonish:

Snow Queen
A fabulous Donair Pizza at the Wheel
Small town people that have beautiful hearts, open hospitality and of course. . . their signature waves!

Stay tuned to see more of Halifax and the fabulous beaches around 'the Nish'.

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