Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of my favorite places

Jimmy needed to swing down to Waterton on business, so of course I wouldn't miss the opportunity to tag along. It is so beautiful!

Could you imagine coming through on the train or on a local boat to spend a week at this hotel when it first opened? You can almost here the laughter over a friendly croquet game.

We did the bear's hump hike. The views from the top were truly breathtaking . . . or maybe I was just breathless from climbing the equivalent to 66 stories over the length of 1km in 20 minutes? . . .

. . .  no - the views were definitely awe inspiring!

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Mom said...

Definitely my favorite place!!! After all we honeymooned here - Dad got his first taste of cotton candy or as I know it candy floss - makes my mouth water just to think of it.
These pictures are breathtaking!!!
We never did hike bear's hump did we? They always said the view was awesome! Makes me want to book in for a WEEK OR 2 again. Maybe next year.