Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photography Class Lesson 1

For those of you who haven't heard the exciting news yet, Jimmy bought me a beautiful new camera for Christmas. I think deep down this was a present that both of us are excited about but it certainly was something that I have been saving up for and am so very excited about it.

Within the hour of tearing off the paper (okay okay maybe it was more 'carefully removing the paper so as to not rip it more than required'), I was on the computer finding a photography class. Jimmy's cousin, C.Ann , decided that this was a perfect opportunity for her to venture past the green auto feature and so eagerly signed up with me.

Our first class was fabulous. I learned all about focus and focus area. Each week we will have a little assignment to do. Here's a pic from assignment 1:


Mom said...

IT LOOKSD FOCUSED TO ME!!! I'm glad you found as class to go to.

Mom said...

IT LOOKS FOCUSED TO ME!!! Glad you found a class to go to!! You'll be ready for the boys big skates! Enjoy!

Jules said...

Thanks mom!! The camera is fabulous . . . thanks so much for your part!