Friday, February 12, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

Don't want to think about how soon I'll be back again . . .
Oh babe, I can't wait to go!!!
Jimmy and I are heading to Southey. I cannot wait:
  • hockey
  • coffee
  • poppy bread?? here's to hoping
  • homestead pizza (just for jimmy)
  • skating
  • Trev and Jimmy watching the daytona
  • hugs
  • giggles with the nephews
  • shinny on the dug out
  • belatedly celebrating a birthday for Kimmy
  • hanging with friends??
  • photos
  • silly poses
  • Valentine's day
  • Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics
  • chats with ma and pops
  • and most importantly the pink bedazzled stick


MOM said...

I'm sorry Juliane that I disappointed you with no poppy bread. I didn't get a chance to read this blog until after you left. BUT you did get homemade cinnamon buns and even better homemade ice cream!!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

love it!