Saturday, March 06, 2010

We booked our flights

We booked our flights to Jimmy's home this week. I am sooo excited. If any of you are crazy enough to wonder why I am looking forward to visiting Halifax:

1. Waterfront restaurants with the most delicious seafood

Jimmy anxiously awaiting our meal - or maybe laughing at me as I am the one getting anxious!

2. Evening strolls along the harbor front with the iphone handy to resolve every bit of curiousity

There is nothing more pleasant than evening stroll along the pier after a delicious meal. However, this means that everything is already closed. No worries - the iPhone became our tour guide. It beats taking photos of the signs and trying to read them on the camera screen Lee! You should invest in a little Iphone - it truly does make a world of difference on your trips!

3. Dear friends

B decided it would be great fun to be buried in the sand. Hudson gladly complied.

4. Gorgeous Beaches

Terrance Bay - What a perfect day to go for a sail.

The water was so amazingly clear and cold!!


5. Picturesque warfs around every corner

6. The History

The Nova Scotia parliament building is the oldest building still in legistlature operation today. It first opened in 1819 and still houses regular sittings.

7. Stunning Cathedrals

St. Mary's Basilica's white spires gracefully rose to the gorgeous blue skies.

And if at all possible, the inside of the church is even more stunning. The stained glass windows wind around the sanctuary with stories of the old testament pictured on the bottom of the window and the stories of Jesus on the top of the window. The story of Jonah and the Whale is one of my favorites.

8. Fun Shopping

This store was overflowing with fun accessories.

9. Bud the Spud Bus


10. Living a life of Leisure

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Sandra said...

Man, I don't question you a fact I'm a bit jealous. I love the East Coast and watching the Brier with all the little Halifax tidbits really does make me want to go back again!