Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am down to two sleeps until the plane takes off. I wake up every morning, check the weather in Singapore, et all, think about everything I still need to do and slog through another work day. Finally this weekend I was able to start crossing things off that list:
  • Trying on all my summer clothes and picking what is the most versatile and what I want to take
  • Making the list of the gaps I still need to fill (not that bad - couple pairs of shoes that are cute and walkable other than runners, a cute little metal belt or stretchy fat belt, couple of toiletries for freshening up on the plane)
  • Making a few meals to freeze for Jimmy
  • Picking out the paint swatches to match up fabric for the bedroom
And now on to tell you all about Bali.

Well first of all here is pics of our resort:

Second, I can't lie as to how excited I am for a couple of their spa treatments there.

Exploitations Scrub/Mandi Lulur
US$25 / 1.5 hr    
Full body massage followed by body exploitation scrub with yogurt and flower bath then have your skin moistened with body lotion
 Honestly - $25?? How can I not have one or 2??

Third, the Ubud market promises to be a mecca of fantastic gifts and items, a traditional Balinese dance would be great entertainment and seeing the monkey's in the sacred monkey forest - although they scare me a bit - promises to be exciting.

Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you!

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