Friday, August 07, 2009

Highway #7

Sometimes Jimmy has the most delightful ideas and our roadtrip from Halifax to Antigonish was no exception.

He suggested that we pick up his good friend and drive home the old highway. Of course, the main suggestions that I add to an idea like this revolve around food. So after stopping to pick up Brent and heading to the grocery store for our 'picnic' lunch and some snacks we were off.

First stop - Peggy's Cove

I don't really know what I expected. I have seen so many pictures of that infamous light house. My cousin had just finished telling me it was all rock. But I really wasn't expecting anything that it was.

Watching the waves was absolutely amazing. I am continually in awe of God's incredible handiwork and how different this beautiful country of ours really is.

And of course, no road trip would be complete without me running around trying to find some cool shots.

After Brent told us this incredibly sad story about Swiss Air flight 111 we headed off to the spot where they erected the memorial.

Apparently the man who now runs one of the little touristy spots was from Switzerland and his daughter was on that flight. He immediately came over to wait for her with his wife. After months of looking, hoping, waiting his wife felt that she couldn't put her life on hold anymore and wanted to return home. However the father just couldn't bear to leave his daughter and her eternal resting place. He bought the little place and has been there since.

With the solemn reminder that our days are numbered and we must enjoy them to their fullest, we headed on our way. What a beautiful province I was visiting.
We stopped in this delightful little cove for our picnic lunch. The lake was like glass and it wasn't long before we had our own picnic guest . . . not the proverbial ants but rather a hungry little duck who quite enjoyed all the bread.

Again we were off and this time we didn't stop until Sheets Harbor. What an interesting spot this was! The site of a pulp mill, all that was left were a few stone foundations, the flowing river brown with all the minerals in it and a clock. Jimmy and Brent both like 'learning' spots and so they quite enjoyed exploring.

After an 8 hour drive to travel 2 hours, stories of men who always awaited the next passerby on their stoops and various roadtrips down these very paths, we were home!

Not sure if we will repeat the route again this year but if you are ever in the area, take the time and make the drive. I guarantee you will not forget it.

And there are plenty of road signs counting down the hours until french fries, burgers, ice cream and many other such treats if you forget to stop at the store first . . .

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