Thursday, August 06, 2009

Less than a month away

Well as I sit here frantically thinking about all I have to do before I embark on my vacation season, I wanted to share with you the exciting places I will soon be seeing:

First stop - London!! I loved London when I was there a couple of years ago. I loved the people, the beautiful architecture, the window shopping and the fabulous Indian food!! I cannot wait to experience all of that again.

This time around we have added the London eye, Camden market and the Tower of London!! Oooh - I could squeal right now!

One thing that I will not be partaking in again . . . White Pepper (in case anyone was wondering)

Next on the Agenda - fabulous Barcelona. After watching Viky Christina Barcelona I was so excited to visit. Then when Jillian Harris visted there with all her boys, I knew it was fate.

Check out the movie trailer if you have never seen it:

It looks like the hotel is going to be amazing:

And finally some photos of sites we will be seeing!

And then . . . before we head back to London for the weekend, we wanted to have a little beach time. So why not Mallorca! The island looks absolutely amazing . . .

And in case you were wondering about the beaches . . . check out our little hotel:

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