Thursday, August 27, 2009

The final details . . .

Well, I just booked our rooms in London. After much debate and cross referencing and becoming so overwhelmed, we decided to worry about the hotels in London at a later date. But with the trip 9 sleeps and counting, later was a little closer to now . . . and of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without a little hotwire action.

The crazy thing about this site is it tells you just enough to know that it could turn out really good but not enough to know if the hotel will turn out really poorly. So after a few text messages to make sure we were all okay with these choices and a couple of calls for reassurance, I booked the hotels.

As much as it is crazy, the fun thing about this site is that you are gambling on a few details and then anxiously awaiting for the payment to be approved so you can find out where you are staying!!!!

And drum roll please . . .

So the first few days in London, we want to be close to all the touristy things, and of course the hop on hop off . . .

Crowne Plaza

And then, once we are back from our spanish adventures, we are going to be staying in the heart of London's city life . . .

Kingsway Hall Hotel (doesn't it look positively delightful)

It will be soooo delightful.

After that, we will part ways . . . heading off to Ireland or making the long trek home!

So here's to hoping that Hotwire still remains my best friend once we actually see the rooms in person and Thanks to all for having the faith in my Hotwire gambling!!

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