Saturday, May 08, 2010

Canmore Getaway

The weekend was perfect . . .
after delightful road trip snacks of homemade cookies
and a scary road cleaner on the highway, we had arrived

We unpacked and headed downtown to scope out our options

A yummy little dinner and we were ready for the hot tub
Through the night we laughed and giggled,
painted and filed
talked a flurry of topics
and slept

The morning dawned clear and bright
The mountain tops sparkled in the sunlight

We drank coffee, ate yummy muffins and took our time

Then headed downtown for some shopping
A little lunch

And finally we had our 90 minutes of pampering

Thanks Sarah for a delightful weekend away
I loved every minute of it

And oh yeah - we certainly did get that third cup of deliciousness for the ride home

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