Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Berkans have a tradition that started way back before I can remember

Every May long weekend, those who could would gather at the Hall Farm for a big family picnic

We would get there mid afternoon, spray down with mosquito spray, start a big bonfire and play various games like kick ball or frisbee. Grandpa would have a peanut scramble and sometimes take us for tractor rides. We met a couple of Grandpa's new girlfriends at the picnic, some of the aunts boyfriends and Jodi and I would sneak off to a bedroom or area by ourselves to we could talk about our school crushes.  We went for walks, ate watermelon and laughed a lot!

Soon the ladies would head into the old farm house and get the salads ready while the table was cleared and loaded with hotdogs, buns, condiments and salads.

As the sun started to go down, the men would prep the fireworks. This was my favorite part! All of us children had sparklers that we would run around with spelling our names and making hearts. Okay well at least the girls would make hearts... Then the fireworks would start. One of the uncles was charged with lighting them and running as fast as he could as we would wait and wait and wait. Finally the sky would light up with all the pretty colors and squeals would erupt from all of us.

Once the fireworks were done, we would head into the house. Have hot chocolate and coffee. Sing happy birthday to Lara. Eat cake and robin's eggs (not tim bits as robin's donuts was owned by the pool for anyone that cares)!

All too soon, it would be time to head home.

We were supposed to have a family picnic again this year. Hosted by my uncle Terry and Aunt Holly. It rained all day and so had to be cancelled. They had fireworks and sparklers. Mom bought the peanuts. We were going to eat watermelon. Oh well... maybe next year!

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