Friday, May 28, 2010

Life as a Soccer Aunty

As I had shared on the previous post, I had the privilege of heading back to the farm to visit the fam last weekend. I was extra excited to learn that both of the older boys had soccer games Saturday morning!

Despite threats that it would be cancelled due to weather, Saturday dawned cloudy but dry. So with coffees in hand and a van to escapte to in case the weather turned we were off.

Rhyder's game was up first. It was looking like he would be playing the whole game as Southey only had 4 of their team but by the blowing of the whistle, there was enough for 3 spares for a 4 on 4 game. The coach throws down the blanket to act as the 'bench' for the next shift and the first kick takes place.

(Rhyder on the bench waiting to sub in)

(Showing off his fancy footwork to 'turn it around')

As any good soccer aunty would be, I energetically cheered Rhyder on to scoring his goal! I was also the only person snapping a million shots on the sidelines. Oh dear! Good thing Raymore is still friendly at this age

(it is much easier to score without the goalie!! but I was still super proud!)

Chasey wasn't playing soccer but he still had me running all over the fields after him trying to snap a pic! He is too darn adorable.

(this is one of his favorite expressions)

(the tongue out is his second favorite expression)

Soon it was time for Joshua's game. With our chairs rearranged I was seated firmly between Rhyder and Chase ready to cheer my heart out!

(Rhyder's smile is so infectuous - you can't help but grin back)
Joshua is only one age group up from Rhyder's but you can certainly see their growth over last year! My old friends from Southey were saying that Joshua is turning out to be quite the soccer player - of course he is - he has Kim and Trev as parents - and me as the aunty of course!!

(I don't know if this was the play Cory had outlined on the play board but it seemed to be working well for Southey)

(his long locks are so adorable)

I hope and pray that the boys always adore me as they do now - I count it such a privilege to be their aunty!

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Mom said...

Great pictures! How do I get them?
It was a fun weekend. No games today, rained out.