Monday, September 07, 2009

Day 1 - We Arrive in London

Wow. It's hard to believe we are actually here. So let me tell you a few highlights of what we encountered along the way.

First up ... The 8 + hour plane ride. Which of course was delayed cause we were flying with Air Canada. I think this was the worst time I have had trying to sleep on the plane. But at last we had landed and were ready to be on our way.

Due to the lack of sleep, the idea of being brave and navigating the tube was more than we could bare. As such we grabbed a taxi and headed to our hotel. The driver was pleasant enough but he had made the most awkward fashion statement I have seen thus far: sunglasses in which he only had one lens. After noticing this the potential reasons were abundant... Illegal to drive wearing sunglasses, his right eye was a glass eye, just had laser surgery on the left eye, Michael Jackson's influence extended beyond the white glove ... Regardless, I think Jimmy should test out that same fashion statement tomorrow.

The third highlight of the day was the delightful nap once we were all checked in. Zzzzzzz the hotel beds are quite comfy.

Rejuvenated and hungry we were off. Found a little place along the way to sample the finest of London appetizers. Saw some fantastic architecture that blends the old with the new. Made a plan to buy Jimmy some skinny jeans to round off his fashion statement. And stumbled upon the middle eastern equivalent to china town.

Wow the smells were amazing. All these little restaurants serving their curries and tandoori. As you walk along, each restaurant has an employee standing out on the street to entice people in. You can imagine their intensity as every 20 feet you are in front of a new restaurant. Free drinks. 25% off the bill. Best curry in town. After carefully selecting the restaurant we anxiously anticipated the mouth watering dishes everyone around us was dining on. Majah paneer. Chili chicken masala. Roti. Saffron rice. It was all soooo yummy.

The walk back proved the area was as interesting at night as it was during the daylight. The crowds spilled onto the street from various pubs as the patrons had no problems grabbing a seat on the dirty side walk. Men unpacking their suitcases to display all their 'new' or 'new to you' wares for sale. (don't worry we double checked to make sure none of our suitcases were on the sidewalk). And these cute little sidewalk cafes.

It truly was a delightful first day.

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MOM said...

Hi, I'm wondering what Jimmy will look like when he arrives back!! Dad said "tight jeans indeed!!!!"