Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just to make you jealous . . .

Hey everyone - we know that we have some days to catch up on - Paris/London/Dubai have all happened but the one problem with staying at a fabulous hotel is that you may get the room at a great rate but the amenities are certainly beyond our budget - breakfast this morning 65 durhams - at about 1/3 the rate to exchange into CDN puts it at 21 each and the internet is 60 durhams an hour. Also to prewarn you - we may not have time to fix our spelling mistakes as we are trying to type at the speed of light.

So here we are - DUBAI - aaacccccccccchhhhhhhhhh!! (That was us screeching as we arrived at 3am last night in the 30 degree humid heat. It felt wonderful!) And we are loving everyminute of it. The hotel which we will chat about later is better than the pictures - no photo shop for this one; the weather is gorgeous (we are already sporting tan lines - bronzed goddesses here we come) and we have hit the beach. Oh yeah that is right the beach with a lake as big as the sea!!

Now we are back at the hotel to quickly clean up and have a quick nap cause things don't shut down here until 3am. Can you imagine girls, being able to shop until 3 am. And with all the fabulous little stores a girl can dream of!!

But we are safe and sound and will surely post a few highlights while in Dubai and get all caught up once we are back in Doha.

Signing off from the bronzed goddesses in training - ola!!


Erin said...

oh Sponge-Bob-Franny-Pants, I am jealous, absolutely green with envy of your travels! Cant' wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Well girls,you went a couple weeks too late to Dubai. The Gov't of Canada had 4 senators over there apparently for no reason and it cost us $150,000for their week. You could have maybe had a few lunch appts. with them and voiced some concerns about Canada!!!! Glad all is well. Enjoy the waters!!! Just what does our $1.00 equal there?
Anxious to see pictures.
Mom & Dad

abbott said...

speaking of purses, as your blog is so aptly named...if you guys happen to find a cute coach knockoff purse for cheap (cheap like $50 CAN), I will totally pay you back

Jules said...

Oh really - Coach hey Nicole; no worries sister the knock off souks are calling our name :)

And as for the purse update - we are one to 2 purses for fran and 4 for me (although 2 of mine are not actually for me and one of fran's is not for her either . . . or for Wes - in case anyone is wondering)

Jules said...

Too funny on the Canadian politicians - no wonder Dubai was so excited for some local talent (that would be us) to arrive!! Everywhere we have gone people have been clammering to get it :)

As for the $1 we can buy US$ for 3.57 according to the hotel exchange billboard - for ease of conversion we are dividing everything by 3 to get approx values!