Thursday, October 12, 2006

One More Sleep (If We Actually Get Any Sleep)

The countdown is on - in a mere 28.25 hours we will be on our way!! Hard to imagine that the time is almost upon us. And we still have so much to do! Issues like which purse and shoe combos to take for the outfits, how much room do we need for the treasures we find over there or how can all of our necessary hair products fill one suitcase all by themselves!! You would think we were going to some remote island - I mean really - if we forget anything we can buy it when we get there!

So for those of you who are curious to see what we will be up to and for all those worry warts (Mom!!) we included the link of where we will be staying.

Oct 14 – 16 London Accommodations:

Sightseeing: *Especially for Fran (please only 3 hours . . . )

Oh - and the game is on - can we get ourselves upgraded to first class for the flight over? What tale of woe do we need to tell to garner their sympathy . . . perhaps a story that includes Fran freshly jaded in love needing a hand bag shopping spree to ease the pain . . .


May-Lin said...

Bon Voyage girlies.....have a fun time...the British museum sounds like tons of fun...i want to go! Have Fun!

Erin in Toronto said...


You guys are going to have a blast! I cannot wait to read about your adventures!

Be on the lookout for HOT men - and take pictures! *laugh*