Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We Saw London . . . We Saw France

Up bright and early (yes, even early by my standards - 4 am; Fran was dying as that is usually merely a couple hours after her bed time . . .) we were off to the airport. It was kind of hard to say goodbye to the beauty but not so hard to say goodbye to all the Parisienne's who haven't figured out how to apply deodorant. (Now for those who don't know me very well - I would like to share with you my gag reflex. It goes off unexpectantly at the most inopportune times. And 5 am tends to be a more sensitive time especially in the rank odor category. I was 'watermeloning' (for those who do know me I am sure you are dying right now) for the first 20 minutes because of our Parisienne cab driver who smelt of a mixture of bo and yesterday's dinner!)

After a shor flight and painless commute (even the turnstalls didn't get the best of Fran) we were home in London - Holiday Inn Kings Cross. We were able to get an early check-in and the room felt like heaven after our room in Paris. We ditched our bags, powdered our noses, hailed a cab (come on - it was raining out . . . ) and ventured off to the British Museum.

This museum was incredible but actually contains nothing British. It was, however, a spectacular show casing of all the plundering and pillaging of the Roman Empire. After our time limit was up it was off to hail a cab and meet up with Missy. On the way the cab driver was quizzing us on how we liked the museum and the Rosetta Stone. Well at this Fran was devastated. Somehow she had managed to completely miss the Rosetta stone. And don't ask how because I had managed to see it. It must have been the one item in the museum she didn't manage to look at. And so with Fran sitting dejectedly looking longingly out the window, we made our way to SelfRidges - up to the Aveda counter.

After arriving breathless and 15 minutes late, we staked our claim at the counter looking for our little blonde bombshell, Missy. 20 minutes later we decided to give her a call and see where she was. It was at this point, as I (Fran) was pulling out her number that we realized our timing was off and we were an hour early!! Ohhh . . . I could have seen the Rosetta Stone after all!! (She, Fran, still would have missed it but I didn't have the heart to tell her that . . . )

Missy arrived as bright and beautiful as ever and took us to her favorite little spot - the 'pink cafe' for some mini English tea which was delightful. (It was Fran's first taste of thick or clotted cream and she was loving it - so much so she licked her plate when all was said and done . . . and mine . . . okay just kidding she didn't lick mine . . . her name isn't Turkey, Kim. And she didn't lick hers either - her name also isn't Dad - love you pops).

Once we had finished at the pink cafe we were off to Top Shop - an interestingly eclectic mix of clothing and accessories. (Do you have that in Toronto too Erin . . . ). We would definitely hit the jackpot at this place in our quest for costume party shopping!! But alas as we are missing Danielle's masquerade we were yet again shafted.

After checking out a couple more stones, Missy took us to her favorite street - Carnabie Street - a lovely little place to visit. But alas our time with Missy had come to an end and she was off to meet up with her parents. We decided to see if we could get tickets for a show - something a little upbeat - so Jules would not be falling asleep. After trudging throught Paris for 4 days, we were both dying. Sooo . . . . Chicago it was!! Nothing to keep you on your toes like a little adultery and murder. But - tickets were a little more than what we were willing to pay ($120 Cdn) so we tried for Mamma Mia but those ones were sold out (we tried Yorgo, we tried!) So what better way to console ourselves than with another round of butter chicken. We are difinitely improving in our standings to find the ultimate Indian feast. After Jules was able to swap out the curry for our beloved butter chicken we had it made in the shade for only 10 pounds each. (Again I look away for one second - to turn around and find Fran licking her plate where the butter chicken once nestled calling her name . . . )

At this we decided to call it a night. We hailed a cab and went back to the hotel for a little hot tubbing, some 'would you rather' and an early bed time . . . oh sleep will be so wonderful when we get back to calgary . . . !!

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Erin said...

No Sleep For The Wicked....

Speaking of musicals and wicked, my tix for WICKED just came! But they were $62.50 CDN not $120!!! Holy, that is expensive!

No we definitely do not have a "Top Shop" but it sounds heavenly! *sigh*

The little place you went for tea sounds so cute! I seriously cannot wait to see your pictures!

Hey Jules - what happens if you were to lick Fran's plate before she got to???