Monday, October 09, 2006

The Travelling Scheme

For those of you who know Fran and myself at all you will know that we LOVE to travel. I mean - we really like it. We don't just like it - we looovvve it. Did I mention that we like to travel?Anyways we do!

And we are quite certain the reason that God has spread all of our friends around this fabulous planet we call earth is to provide us with free accomodation and added motivation to travel. So when Sarah and Lee said they were moving to Doha for a year, how could we pass up the opportunity to kick our road trips up a notch.

Now at first, the plan was for two weeks in Doha and maybe a quick trip into Dubai from there. But as we were looking into flights - Calgary to Doha direct was twice as much as what Calgary to London to Doha was. Now London, hey? Did we mention that our friend Missy moved there and married a fabulous English chap? So of course why wouldn't we stop in London. But if we are going to take two weeks and stop in London and we all know how inexpensive it is to travel between countries in Europe then why wouldn't we take a quick jet to Paris. And then we could extend our vacation to 3 weeks. And so in the midst of this planning, our friend Anna decided to move to Ireland. Well, considering we have three weeks, Ireland is right beside England and we have a friend there - what more do we need to say. Dublin quickly became part of the itinerary.

Thus, our trip was complete. We will hit up 5 countries, two seasons, two drastically different cultures, 3 friends and too many stories to count in three weeks.

After months of planning it we can't believe it is already here. Only four short sleeps away! And here is your opportunity to join us on this adventure. We probably won't have pictures up until we return but we will use this to update everyone on our adventures.

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