Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paris at Night

If you think Paris is beautiful during the day, it holds just as many treasures at night. Thanks to Missy's big tip - we experienced the Rue de la Huchette. The cutest little spider web of streets that is full of all sorts of Brasseries, Discotheques, Creperies, Fondues, Souvenirs . . .

After walking around it a couple of times we finally settled on this one delightful little restaurant sporting fondue. Now of course, this is Frances and Juliane on this trip and if any of you think that Fran would pass by an opportunity to have a Trois Fromage Fondue, you are sadly mistaken. And I am following closely behind. Yummy!! And to keep our protein intake up we rounded it off with a little beef and duck fondue as well. The food was wonderful and we sat overlooking the street. People watching doesn't get much better than this!

We ended the evening with a stop at a little jazz club. It was the greatest little place - you go down the stairs into this brick basement where a great little jazz band is performing a the regulars are dancing up a storm. After a few songs, one gentleman finally asked the Canadian girls to dance. Fran took the floor first and wooed everyone with her fancy footwork (she didn't even make a fool of herself) and by the second dance every other move was the "dip"!! Next up was myself and I can't claim that I didn't make a fool of myself but I wasn't booed out of the club. Sometimes that's all a girl can hope for.

Nicole - we promise we will try to get some pics online as soon as possible cause we have some wonderful ones from that night. Again can I just say how much I love city lights!!

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