Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bali has welcomed us

We landed. Made it to our hotel. And are just checking in with everyone before bed. It's beautiful and I will tell you all about it in the morning.


Our day in Singapore was lovely - when we woke Kim had a plan in place and execute we did.

 It started with a lovely walk along East Coast Park. Kim is only a 10 minute walk from the ocean and East Coast Park is along the ocean - gorgeous trails, a wake boarding park (just like a skate board park - it was really cool), lots of restaurants and the lapping waves along the beach. Singapore really doesn't have any swimming beaches and the best I can figure out why is do to the pollution from the harbor. It is massive - and there are sooo many ships queued up. You can't see the horizon of the sea for all the ships that are docked. Cruise ships, tub boats, fishing ships, cargo - oil and grains, spices and silks - I have never seen so many ships - flying over it looks like a little city (think Regina or Halifax size) for all the ships on the water.

After our fat buster stroll, we came home and jumped in the pool for a quick swim.You see I kind of broke the shower the night before when I was adjusting the shower head (oh dear) that ended up with a hose and a stream of warm water - felt like rinsing off on the farm with the garden hose all over again - so the pool was the best we could do! Kim's bathroom is an Asian style bath as well that has a stand up shower in a corner but just a little half wall divider. No curtain or door. Soo of course when the pressure comes back (after the washing machine cuts out) the small stream becomes a huge fountain that sprays everywhere - lol. By this point I was already mid shampoo and so had to finish off. Mercies!! 

Next up: Errands. Our first stop was the nail place for a polish change on the old toes while watching a Chinese soap opera - too funny! Next Starbucks for a coffee and light lunch. We then strolled down to the hardware store to buy Kim a new coupling for the shower and the grocery store to pick up some snacks. Dried sea weed, chick pea and green pea with rice crackers and dried mango were all in the cart! It was all very tasty!!!

Back home to pack up and head to the airport - was sooo incredibly excited for Bali!

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