Sunday, April 01, 2012

Rainy days and wedding dresses

On Sunday we woke up to the beautiful sound of rain!. The air had cooled slightly and smelled so refreshing. After some coffee on the deck we headed down for breakfast and hopefully a massage - we were in luck!

The massage was wonderful. I had decided to get a traditional Thai massage. Our girls lead us up to this beautiful room overlooking the sea! It was stunning. Changed into my little Thai pants and shirt and proceeded to the chairs where they washed our feet. Then came a fantastic 90 minute massage - walked on my calfs and hamstrings (which felt incredible after the previous days long walk along the beach and stair climbing); did lots of stretches; for a tiny girl had amazing strong pressure as she kneaded by back - delightful!

We killed the rest of the day leading up to the wedding eating sticky rice and mango, taking photos, getting ready.

The bride is a good friend of Kim's from Singapore. It has been fun visiting Thailand for the wedding and even more fun getting to know a bunch of Kim's friends that she also teaches with. The wedding was gorgeous - the girls stunning & men dashing; food was delicious - fresh seafood and incredible curries; dancing was so much fun - lots of good music (a good chunk of everyone there was from Canada and U. S. ) and cold cloths.

I was positively exhausted by the time I crawled into bed. Thanks Todd & Mish for including me in your special day!

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