Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The flights were fairly normal - United had awful food and Air Canada had maintenance issues - nothing unexpected there. I asked enough that I was able to snag one of the only empty window seats as opposed to the middle seat between a cranky man and a friendly 350 pound man - that was for the 10 hour leg and I was extremely thankful for that.

Landed in Calgary an hour later than expected but got a gorgeous view of the Rockies as we flew over them. Came through customs and into the arms of my handsome husband who had  gorgeous flowers waiting for me on the van seat! Yay - I am home!

Kim - thank you so much for everything. You are a fabulous friend that I miss dearly here but am sooo glad that you have made such a wonderful home for yourself there! You are a delicious cook, always ready to laugh, as clumsy as me, did a great job of organizing our flights and rooms, Bali was a fantastic choice for a second jet off, I appreciate you more than I am sure you know! Thanks for opening up your home to me, looking out for me on our travels, giving me awesome directions, for being so easy to travel with and for putting up with me. You were a perfect guide to the orient Asia. Love you girlie!!!

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Mom said...

Thank you for taking us along on your vacation. The scenery is so beautiful, even Dad thought it would be nice to see. We are glad you are safely home.