Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter!

Since Easter falls during their holidays, Kim and I didn't do much to celebrate! Her friends are mostly still away on their little trips so we celebrated our way.

First up: McDelivery... I mean really if you can you gotta at least try it. So our Easter lunch consisted of my first pop since lent, with our double cheese burger meals we ordered. The poor delivery man didn't know what to think when I was asking to take his photo and proceeded to follow him downstairs in the elevator!!

After lunch we decided that since we have been go go go it would be a good day to relax a bit. And what better way to do that then a Gold Class movie. So we freshened up and headed down to this cool little area that had a bunch of historical store fronts.

Our first stop was reflexology. This was the first time I had ever gone and even though we chose moderate pressure, there were some spots that were so tender we didn't know if we could last. The motto: no pain no gain was coming out in full force from Kim's therapist as mine just kept smiling and asking if it hurt. There must have been something in it though as we felt fantastic when it was over!!

From there we shopped around and then went for dumplings! Sooo delicious they were! I am hoping I can find a good dumpling spot in Calgary to take Jimmy to. We wandered around a bit more and then it was time for our movie!

I must take a moment to explain Gold class: - it's own ticket line and lounge - assigned seating that you can pre book on line - only 24 lazy boy seats in the theatre - full menu including hot chocolate and ice cream - oh and dinner meals as well - service throughout the movie - blankets Yup, it was so good we decided to stay for another one!


Sandra said...

Just caught up on your blog - sounds like a fabulous time!! Bali sounds delightful and I think a movie theatre like that one would be awesome here!

Jules said...

Agree Sandra - it was a great time. And we should open a movie theatre like that here - it was FANTASTIC!