Monday, April 02, 2012

Our last day in Thailand

I felt like I had written so much for my Thailand posts as I was on the iphone typing away and now that I look at them - sorry for the quick detail. I am not too sorry though as it was much more fun enjoying the place so now that we are back in Singapore and I am having a lazy morning in bed while Kim is still sleeping I will give you a fuller update.

Our last day in Koh Samui came upon us before we knew it. We woke up to the light pitter patter song of rain again and so got up, packed a little and got ready for breakfast.

The breakfast buffet that came with our hotel was a beautiful spread of local fruits (I tried them all) and salad bar, breads and pastry, jams and peanut butter and then a large hot section that had ham, bacon, sausages, variety of curries, dim sum and an egg station. But I didn't vary far from my usual - fruit, a chocolate croissant (I know I didn't really need it but they don't serve a lot of chocolate so it was my one hit for the day) and an omelet. In case you think I was eating light - the plate is the size of some people's heads and I had it filled! The attendants would come around and bring you fresh coffees that were soooo delicious as well.

After our breakfast we climbed our stairs up to the room. Now,  I don't really think I told you much about the resort yet so let me try - the hotel was build into a hill with a gorgeous ocean view (if you are lucky I will get a few pics uploaded when we get back from Bali). From the Beach to our room (we were one of the top villas) is approximately a 30 story change in elevation. To get throughout the resort we walked up and down these beautiful stairs that wound along past greenery, koi pools and gorgeous water features filled with lili pads. Beautiful treed flowers lined the walkway giving off a perfumed scent that delighted the senses. I tried to take a couple pictures so if I haven't described it well enough - that might help.  It had 2 pool areas and a beach.

Since I hadn't taken the time to get any beach pics yet (it is always awkward wandering around with your beach bag and the fancy camera so I chose the beach bag over the camera the last two days), Kim and I wandered down for one last look at the beach. Gorgeous!!!

Back to the room for a quick shower and to pack up the last of our things. We had decided to head into Chaweng for a final walk around and a walk along the beach before we had to be at the airport and so checked our bags at the front.

What an interesting little network of shops. Every third stall boasting similar items and needing to barter. I did okay - but thankfully had Kim's help and found myself with four little souvenirs for my boys. We found our way to a little sea front restaurant and spent our last hours having great conversation with Helen and Paul (one of Kim's great couple friends) and gazing over the spectacular view. It was absolutely delightful!

All too soon it was time to head back to the hotel, grab our bags and take the 5 minute taxi to the airport. The airport was a delightful little spot as well - as Paul said it reminded him of downtown Disney with the shops lining both sides of the street. Since we were there early and traveling in these little Asian airports is much more casual then back home, we couldn't walk by the ice cream store!

Our flight was non-descript, we were through customs in no time, took the 15 minute taxi to Kim's and quickly unpacked. I jumped in the shower (that is one thing - I love the heat - but my body feels the need to turn on it's cooling mechanism on high and I find myself more humid than Kim's closet - ick - oh well by the time I leave in 2 weeks I am sure I won't be dripping every day) as Kim tossed in a load of laundry. We then sat down with a cup of tea and Eat, Pray, Love on. Love is filmed in Ubud, Bali which is where we head to today and so we couldn't not watch that movie!!!!

Today we are jetting around Singapore a bit before our 4:30 flight. Kim promises a beach walk, we will 'freshen' up our polish and maybe reflexology - awe - this is the life!

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I will relay a message that my Dr. said I MUST give to you! She said that Singapore has the most beautiful diamonds!!