Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making the last day count

Well I talk all big and tough about making the last few minutes count and there was lots we could have done: boat tour, chinatown walking tour, prison tour, hop on hop off, wandering around the quays. On and on I could go.

But, we made the last day count our way - sleeping in, lazy coffee, lounging by the pool, catching a fantastic thunderstorm, packing and weighing and packing again. And mixed in the last of the items on our to do list: the Hawkers.

Whilst lounging by the pool, this guy suddenly rides up to Kim and I. We asks if he can give us a book. Our faces must have reflected the confusion we felt as he asked us again and followed up with a comment that he hasn't seen many people reading in Singapore. It turns out he is an Indian author that is on leave visiting his wife in Singapore (who happens to live in Kim's complex). His book has honorable mentions and is being written into an Indian screen play. Anyone that knows me knows my love of Bollywood movies and so the thought of his book becoming one made me sooooo excited! I asked him to autograph it but none of us had a pen - oh well. 

He rode off, Kim and I laughed over the chances of that happening and then we proceeded to hop back into the pool. Kim got out earlier than I did and the next thing I know - he is back, pen in hand signing our back and visiting a little. Too fun! I promise to host a movie night for all you fellow calgarians if it does come out as a screenplay.

Now onto the hawkers - since neither Kim nor I miss meals well. It is kind of like a food court without the mall. A bunch of little food stands set up under a covered area with tables and chairs in a common area. Kim said that they usually have an indian, a thai, a chinese and a few other stalls mixed in for good measure. We waited until after the rain stopped and for it to be a bit later in the day so as to get in better people watching.

Kim confidently walked in and took charge of our options. I was feeling good about the experience leading up to it but when we strolled past the vat of bubbling chicken feet, I was suddenly overcome with a complete sense of ineptness. Order what Kim says is good - that is my motto - hee hee!

So we found ourselves with a yummy little crepe style spring roll, some sort of cheesy naan type bread and I chose the pad thai while Kim picked Tom Yum. Delicious - every little bite of it. But my favorite part had to be the people watching - all different walks of life finding themselves having dinner together at 8'ish at night. Families, singles, friends and couples. Young and old, different ethnicity's, different languages. A true melting pot - similar to the food options. And the most delightful glass of lime juice - delicious!!!

All too soon, the suitcases were packed by the door and we were crawling into our respective beds. That 7am flight is going to come early!

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