Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing (or at least pretending to be)

The weather in Nova Scotia this summer was positively delightful while we were visiting. Especially exciting since Jimmy's parents have a cabin just back from the water at Cape George. It is a gorgeous spot on a hill overlooking the ocean towards PEI and Cape Breton. I love it when they invite us out for the afternoon or dinner and we get to sit on the deck facing the water.

You can understand why I was quite excited that it was going to work out for Clairise and I to go down and visit them, hit up the beach, have a delicious dinner and even get to go out on a boat.

The cape is a beautiful little natural cove along the north west shore. It is surrounded by rocky cliffs and the water is crystal clear. It has a working warf with many fishing boats and a few pleasure boats docked along it.

Someday I hope it works for us to be 'home' when lobster season begins as I would love to be there to witness the blessing of the boats and the official send off. This year I was really hoping it would include a big party when Gerard rolled it with a $30K tuna but alas luck was not to be this year on the tuna.

We spent an afternoon basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. The water was a little cooler than some of the other beaches but it was still nice and warm and made for a refreshing break from the heat of the sun.

After a fabulous meal, Uncle Jackie was heading out on his little boat to enjoy the evening and had invited his sisters along. Clairise and I were quite excited to be included on this little adventure as well.

Part of what made the whole experience so delightful was to witness the pure joy on everyone else's faces. Aunt Mary relaxing at the back of the boat in her little lawn chair on one last ride before her and Uncle John start the trek southward again. Jimmy's mom grinning from ear to ear as she slid off her sandle and slung her leg over the side of the boat skipping her toes along the water. Pooksie taking pictures of everyone and responding 'yes, yes' to the conversations swirling around her.

When we were a little ways out, Uncle Jackie killed the motor and Aunt Mary quickly scooted to the front of the boat to grab the fishing rods. (On a side note, I love families, how the big sister is always the big sister regardless of how old anyone is. And the brother is always the brother with the sisters doting on him. Love it. Curious to see how Trev and I will interact in a few years time.)

Uncle Jackie had de-barbed the hooks for this pleasure fishing. Being that I wasn't too sure what I was doing, I was told to let the line drop for quite a ways and when you start to feel a tug, you know it is time to reel in.

How exciting, we seemed to have stumbled upon a school of fish and Clairise and I kept her dad and Uncle John busy taking the fish off the hooks for us.

This was one of the fish that I caught.

A beautiful night on the ocean enjoying fantastic company and embarking on new adventures. I think I might need to make Jimmy take me fishing next summer. Aunty Elaine - be prepared for some visitors!!

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