Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 14 - Viewing London from new Heights

Our final day to explore London proved to be a busy one on the
streets. The concierge pointed us in the right direction for the
London eye and we were off. After coffee at the hotel of course.

We started on our foray and found ourselves in the theatre district.
It was fashion week and they must have various fashion shows in the
theatres as well since we saw many a feather strutting down the street.

The interesting thing about London fashion which I have discovered is
that as long as it's bold or quirky and you walk with confidence you
seem to be considered high fashion. And they stretch their summer
wardrobe into fall by merely adding tights or leggings. However when
Jimmy tried the leopard print leggings under his plaid shorts it
didn't seem to work quite as well. Guess we will transition to pants
and light sweaters instead!!!

In the midst of pink sateen, chunky necklaces, black and white
stilettos and high top runners, we found a little Australian
restaurant to get a bite to eat and check our emails. Interesting fact
is that free wifi is available at most British pubs. It's a great
opportunity to check our emails, weather and of course the sports
scores on my little iPhone. I seriously think this is the greatest
invention for a traveller!!!

Once we hit the river walkways everything was incredibly busy. We
wound our way down to the London eye and quickly got into one of the
pods to take us a gazillion feet above the ground. Beautiful sights
from up there. We noticed so much construction around the city and
have heard rumblings that the majority of it is in preparation for the
2012 Olympics. I can only imagine how much crazies it will be over the
next two summers.

Back safely on the ground we strolled further along the river and came
upon a Great Britain cycling tour race being held in London that day.
Our timing was perfect as the cyclists were on the home stretch with
two laps remaining. As we walked along the route we were able to see
the last two laps just seconds from the finishing line. I have never
witnessed a cycling race and there was a neat energy as complete
strangers pounded the metal fences, waved flags and cheered the racers
across the line.

We walked along Trafalgar square and took in a giant chess game. We
strolled up to Piccadilly circus which Jimmy renamed Piccadilly zoo.
Between the pedestrian and vehicle traffic both competing for the
right to be in the intersection it was crazy. More horn honking during
those 10 blocks than our entire holiday!! Lol!!! (although we did spot
our first Tim Horton's so I am sure Jimmy at visions of double doubles
dancing through his head last night) And finally found our way back to
the hotel.

We rested for an hour or two and then headed out for one last dinner.
Italian was the choice and it was delightful. Yummy salad, pasta and
of course dessert.

The rest of the evening found us rearranging Jimmy for the next week
in Ireland and prepping for my flight home.

What a delightful vacation it was. I barely thought about work at all.
And girls you would be so proud... I didn't check my email once. Not
once. Although i am already dreading how many emails I will need to
work through upon my return.

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