Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 3 - Seeing the Seedier side of London

Gorgeous day in the city of London. In fact a perfect day to drive around in a convertible bus learning more tidbits on London. Like how queen Victoria sabotaged her very own gate which she hated by buying a carriage that was too big to fit through, or where Madonna lives or seeing the most expensive monopoly property, the queens residence, how many people have been hanged in this city, the most expensive hotel room: £8800 per night not including breakfast, or the Aston Martin show room where James Bond buys his car, Wil Smith's fave hotel, that people actually think Sherlock Holmes exists and a boat cruise along the river Thames.

But one of the highlights was following around a tour guide that shared all about Jack the Ripper. In fact, he knows a little too much about Jack the Ripper and took us back to a neighborhood quite close to our hotel to share the grand finale. Crazy story and even crazier that many of the buildings are still standing.

Culminate all of these events with a delightful cheese platter and excellent dinner conversation and you have the perfect London day.

Not going to lie though, quite excited about Barcelona...


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