Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 13 - Adventures of Traveling back to London

I think the stars align in my life to ensure I have enough adventure. And if one day is lacking in it (that would be the yesterday we had at the beach) the next few days surely make up for it. And I am also certain that these adventures are meant to be shared as they are certainly worth a giggle or two. So without further adieu I will share with you our today...

By 5:53 the cab has arrived and we are ready to head to the airport. We timed our morning such that we could allow for the 40 - 45 minute cab ride to catch our 8:40 flight. After all, this was how long the cab to our hotel was. And within 17 minutes we are pulling up in front of the airport.

Wow, really??? And of course this sparks the barrage of teasing about lady cab drivers verses the much more competent male driver we had this morning. And the feeling of injustice that we were had the first time around with no opportunity for recourse. Oh well. As has been my motto thus far...better early than late.

We check in to our flight. Find our way through security and spot a coffee shop. After a couple cups of java each the day is just a little brighter. Or maybe that was because the sun was finally rising!! And to make things even better our gate was posted right next to the coffee shop. Ahhhh this travel is going to be a breeze.

Well to make a long story short ....

•they changed our gate to one down the hall
•we got the last seats available at the gate
•they changed the gate board to display Madrid but didn't update the departure board with a new gate
• finally 10 minutes after our flight was supposed to leave an attendant personally came around to tell us our new gate 7 minute walk away
•we arrive there and see our flight posted only for 15 minutes later for them to change it to a Munich flight
•we wait
•another lady arrives to tell the Munich passengers of a change in their gate
•we board and have a peaceful flight into Barcelona
•we wait extra long for our luggage and go in search of our next airline
•apparently as couples many of us missed the memo indicating that to show our true affections for each other we should have matching full sized stuffed animals with merely their heads poking out of our bags as that was the couple also waiting for their language who started to get quite annoyed by the delays
•in half Spanish half English we learn that they haven't moved over to their posted terminal yet so we need to transfer to the other terminal
•the second airline is a total gong show as they don't have a continuous queue and so they keep taking people behind us in line to the new queues they are opening up
•my carry on is far too heavy but we have no available weight in the suitcases so I give my breeziest expression as I 'casually' lift all 50 pounds of it up to the agent to tag as carry on all while not breathing for fear it will sound more like a grunt - whew, did it
•by now the 5 hours between our flights have dwindled to an hour and a half
• we do our best to get seats together in EasyJets rush seating policy which translates more literally to 'take no prisoners'
•as we settle in Jimmy overhears the couple ahead of us complaining that I am kicking her seat ...does she not realize that my 36" legs include thigh bones longer than the average person (on a side note that is another reason why I know I was meant to be rich and take my private jet. Even first class cannot accommodate my thigh bone!!!!)
•the gentlemen in front us lamented how fed up he was with the euro and all that goes with it and how glad he was to come home to the land of the pound
• we then witness a fight between the couple in front of us and this girl about my age who was sitting on the aisle regarding the fact that she neglected to turn her iPod off when requested to for landing and that could have caused us to crash

By the time we were settled in to the hotel the day had done us in. Over 15 hours of travel for 3 hours worth of flights. I have a feeling tonight might be an early one. Lol.

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