Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 15 - Goodbyes and Airports

We have certainly experienced a few airports during our little trips. And one of the things I like about airports is that it is a place of true joy for those reuniting and sadness for those parting. There is always an exciting energy and I like watching others trying to guess who they are meeting or where they are going.

On a side note, the day we had our gong show airport experience to fly from Palma to Barcelona there was a girl that was on our flight with us. She was all dolled up in pink 3.5" stiletto shoes, skinny white jeans, a pink shirt with a white jacket, pink purse and a cute little black and white hat. As we were needing to drag our stuff from gate to gate the girl was looking like she was regretting her shoe choice. By the time we were walking out to the plane on the tarmac and climbing the stairs, she was barely shuffling along. But when we arrived in Barcelona, we knew why she had made the choice she did!!! She was meeting her boyfriend. We hear a little shriek and see her running into his waiting arms for lots of hugs and kisses!! Too fun!!! Crazy the pain we put up with to look hot for our dates.

And alas, it was our turn to part ways after two weeks of fabulous days. I was checking two suitcases to accommodate our purchases and lighten Jimmy's load for his last week. As such, the thought of trying to navigate the tube by myself for my afternoon flight for the sake of an extra couple hours of sleep was more than I wanted to endure. So 5:30 am wake up call it was.

Got to Jimmy's terminal with more than enough time to get him checked in and ensure that he wasn't overweight on his suitcase. Too fun for him that he is now off to Ireland for some more adventures. And I don't doubt that the Guiness party is going to be unbelievable as we are seeing nothing but contests to go to it and advertisements for similar parties at local establishments.

Than it was off to Terminal 3 for me. The two suitcases were kinda heavy so I thought that pushing around a little trolley would be easier!! Mercies I'm a gong show most days - i ran over more small toes, jackets, bags and heels. The sad thing is that of that list - 99% of them were my toes, jackets, bags and heels. I know talented I am - really!! But alas I managed to fill up my time while I waited, enjoyed a little 'Quick English Breakfast' which is more like our regular full breakfast back home - 2 eggs, 4 big pieces of bacon, toast and potatoes (certainly would hate to see their full breakfast), enjoyed many cups of coffee and soon was boarding the flight for Calgary.

With all that time and watching people coming and going to so many other locations, I will admit that the idea of buying a last minute ticket to somewhere else and calling in sick to work was tempting. I do promise you that sometime in my life I will do a last minute trip to somewhere but I did exercise self control and came home!

The flight was brilliant as the English would say. Brenda came and picked me up. It was soooo fun to catch up with her and grab a quick bite. All too soon I was starting to zone out in our conversation and so home I came, unpacked, called mom and dad and was soon crawling into bed.

And for all of you out there . . . I received a couple notes from Jimmy last night. He made it safe and sound. Says he is being treated like a King with his own 'personal driver' and an amazing hotel. I am certainly glad he is experiencing this after our vacation or we would have never wanted to slum it in the 4 star hotels we stayed at. LOL!!!

Stay tuned as I am going through the pics and promise to post a couple of links to our pics soon.

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