Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 9 - Palma beckons us

Today started with a bit of an oops on my behalf. I was the keeper of the schedule and was certain last night that our flight left at 10. As as we were about to leave, I double checked the emails only to find that I had been checking the wrong day and the flight didn't actually leave until 11:20!!

Since we had been up late the night before, the extra sleep would have been nice but better too early than late!! Mercies I haven't proven to be the best navigator on this trip!!!!

But alas our flight was soon on it's way and as we flew over the island I was anxious to explore. You could see the changing shore front scenes from beaches to rocks and caves. The little farming land. Homes that look like they have been there for centuries. It was going to be a fun three days.

After grabbing some lunch at our hotel snack bar which overlooks the sea, it was time for a rest. Already you could feel the pace of life slow down and relax. All the little shops around the hotel were closed for their afternoon siesta except the tourist convenience stores with their plethora of floatables, selection of tacky beach bags and plenty of sunscreen.

Once we were back at the hotel, I grabbed a delightful nap and then we headed back down to the front desk. There they loaded us up with maps and best restaurant locations, the scooter rental localles and the most fantastic discotheques in the area. After all, Jimmy's moves really are dying to bust loose again.

To let you in on a little secret - my first rule of thumb when travelling somewhere new is to explore the hotel. Then you venture out to the immediate area around the hotel. Once you know what amenities are available within the near vicinity it is time to venture out within casual walking distance making note of the markets to buy fresh produce and snacks, the little coffee shops, breakfast specials, yummy dinner restaurants and of course any fantastic looking desserts.

As such with the hotel tips in mind, we were off to explore! We found a little shop flowing over with pearl jewellery. We stumbled upon a cute little beach strip and dipped our toes. We noted some coffee shops and a couple spots for tapas. We certainly noted the menus with pictures and kept walking. Found a few trattorias promising us delightfully yummy dishes and finally settles on a little Spanish bbq for appetizers. Mainly because they boasted these sought after empanadas which I was told I must try.

All I can say about the empanadas is that we started with one of each kind. We couldn't leave without ordering a second round and making note that we will have to come back again.

Enroute home, we thought this would be a great evening for cappuccino and dessert so when we found a cute patio with inviting smells we quickly stopped. And none too soon as we were about to find out what storms on the island can be like. The heavens opened up with huge bangs, the place lit up like daytime and then all went black. We could see by the glow of the candles that the rain was pounding down washing away the heat of summer.

After raining like this for an hour or two it let up so we could walk back to the hotel. Thankfully the power didn't stay off long. However it was a bit of a sleepless night as it started all over again and worse than before shortly after we arrived back at the hotel.

Craziness!!! I hope the weather lets up long enough for us to explore some of the beaches Mallorca is famous for!!!

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