Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 8 - Bidding Farewell to Barcelona

After the late night before the morning was slow in coming. But once we got it underway there was no stopping us.

It was our last day here and we still had a couple things to cross off the list. Spurred on with energy from the delightful fruit we headed off to Park Guell. We had decided to take a taxi from our hotel and very glad we did. It was quite the hike.

On the way we pondered what a Spanish family would do on a Sunday since stores and many restaurants are closed. When we arrived at the park we knew. The park was teeming with people.

It certainly is an incredible place. Gaudi's architecture speaks of his delightful imagination as the abstract shapes and curves were beautiful. He uses a lot of glass mosaics to cap his towers and create interest in his spaces. But you couldn't find a spot to sit and enjoy or take a photo. Soon we were on our way.

We were walking towards the Gracia district when we felt the first rain drop. Oh dear. But since we were in search of lunch we were sure to get out of the open air before the sky opened up on us. Many many many blocks later and many many rain drops later we found our way to a small bakery for a croissant and cappuccino. Lol. But I will not complain as they sure do make a great cappuccino here.

I don't know why but we seem to be picky when it comes to food and their typical tapes cafeteria shows pictures with a fried egg on the side of any dish and as such our rule has become if their menu is posted at the door with pictures to keep walking. And walk we did. Finally stopping for a meal when we reached the waterfront 2.5 hours later. As Jimmy noted though, thank goodness it was all down hill. And as always, we discovered many new sights along the way. Including a beautiful 'football' stadium with a match underway.

After our lunch the sun was shining brightly so we headed down to the beach to catch some sun sand and surf. Despite the constant pleas we declined all massage offers but did give into the gentleman with the green bags selling coca cola, cervesa or agua. What an interesting home business that would be. Tough sale today though as the beach didn't have nearly as many people as Friday.

With the sun starting to dip down we headed to the pier for some gelato and a stroll around the marina. Some of the yachts are incredible. Hot tubs. Water toys. Big sun decks. That is a life I would like to try for a few months!! Anyone care to fly into Barcelona to join us on the Mediterranean for a week or two?

P.s. I spotted a riders jersey today in our travels. We truly do bleed green wherever we go. And on that note Jimmy did mention that Barcelona must have him really charmed. Today is the first Sunday of the American football season and it didn't even cross his mind until he spotted the Minnesota Cleveland game at the shisha lounge we stopped at. And worthy to note one of the few places we have found with any big screens.

And to our great fortune the following game was Redskins verses the Giants so of course we had to stay. This meant I had plenty of time to shop for and write up the family postcards. With Jimmy's help of course.

It is now way past our bedtime so I shall sign off. Tomorrow we will be hailing from Palma!!!

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