Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 6 - On the Streets of Barcelona

With our bellies full of another delightful breakfast buffet we were off. This time we wandered down to catch the red route at a little shopping plaza not far from the hotel. And were we ever glad we caught it there!! By the time we reached Placa de la Catalunya (starting spot of the world renowned La Rambla) the bus line ups were crazy long. This route took us to the northern part of the city where we saw Barcelona's incredible football stadium, large estate homes, beautiful Gothic monastery and some of Gaudi's famous work.

Going by the Temple de la Sagrada Familia it was amazing to compare it to the cathedral from the day before. After many years of construction it still wasn't even close to being completed. And I don't know if I can really say this as I don't know Gaudi's intent but the building seemed to be more about leaving his legacy rather than a tribute to an awesome God. Once we post pics upon our return, you can make your own conclusion!!

We listened to the full route before getting off at La Rambla and touring that strip. The amount of people was amazing. It was like the red mile all over again. And of course with the crowds comes performers, markets, little food stands etc. Even Burger King and McDonald's had a strip front presence.

La Rambla takes you down to the port where we were able to check out a cute little port side residential area in search of a spot for lunch. The cool thing about Barcelona is that in every little area you find tapas bars, convenience stores, markets, fresh fruits and veggies, butchers, and restaurants scattered along all of the streets with residential flats above. And of course many lines of laundry being hung to dry.

Our next plan of attack was the green route through the more modern areas before finding ourselves back on the beach front. What a contrast in architecture there was in that area of the city With a quick change and light snack Jimmy dived into the gorgeous Mediterranean sea while I slept on the beach in the beautiful sun. The water was a gorgeous aqua and clear and the beach was certainly crowded. Apparently we stumbled upon a national holiday to celebrate the Catalan heritage so things were certainly closed in the non-touristy areas and busy along the waterfront.

Another refreshment stop and we were on our way to ride the red route one more time at dusk and head back to our hotel. After two late nights and long days in the sun and walking we were due for an earlieri'sh night.

Another successful day in the beautiful city.

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