Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day 4 - Ola!!!

After leaving London and the fabulous fashion behind (p.s. Jimmy is adding to his skinny jeans and one lens sunglasses a deep tight v-neck shirt that highlights his strong collar bone and frolicking chest hair) we were off to Barcelona. Fortunately enough the flight was uneventful!!!

Upon arriving, we managed to figure out the train route and after a walk the long way around the block find our hotel. And what a delightful hotel it turned out to be. Fantastic rooms. Roof top pool with lounge chairs. Terrace sip n chill. Very helpful staff.

By this point we were nearly starving and so headed off to grab some lunch at a little spot across the street. The dear folk back in Nova Scotia are going to be amazed at the Norwegian lobster that topped the risotto. And after the salad incident I couldn't wait to eat more than a leaf of lettuce. So yummy after the morning of travel.

With the early start, warm sun and yummy food, the pool was begging us to come and lounge before heading out on the town for sites and dinner!! So that is exactly what we did.

Throughout the day it was quickly discovered that I am not the best navigator if I'm hungry. Somehow after pondering over the map for half an hour, I led us 90 degrees in the wrong direction for 20 minutes. Lol...oops. I deserved to have been stripped of my girl guide navigation badge for that one!!! (but really it was all a ploy to pass the map duties on so I can spend more time gazing about and picking out Spanish men to bring home for Brenda and Nicole!!! That's a hard enough job...)

And this leads me to our favorite part of the day... Dining at 9 pm on a fantastic little patio on tapas. And we ordered it without a stitch of English on the menu. It was also amazing to see the flurry of activity and relaxed gatherings as we were the not the first to leave our table even though it was 12:45. I can't imagine hooking up with friends at 11:30 on a Wednesday eve but it somehow works here. Seriously in love with Barcelona.

So good night all. We are off to enjoy a pink panther. Too excited to discover more tomorrow.

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