Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 13 - And there was more

I got so caught up on our travel gong shows specifically the stuffed
cat couple and the cranky British couple that I forgot to tell you
about the rest of our day. After the long travel we finally arrived at
the last hotel on my journey. Kingsway hall. It's gorgeous. Another
hot wire find. And again a great location for the last day in London.
Right in the heart of Holborn and Covent garden. A short walking
distance to the river Thames and house of parliaments. Near all the
theatres and great shopping.

Since we were exhausted we decided to stick close and have dinner at
the hotel. Trev you would have loved the meal... It came with mushed
peas!!!! I even took a pic so I can make it for you the next time you
come to visit!!!

We wandered around discovering the near vicinity area and decided the
remaining adventures would still be waiting tomorrow!!!!

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