Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 2 - Experiencing the Tower of London

Mercies my little feet are tired after that busy day. But a fantastic day it was!!

Starting with the delightful sleep in a cozy bed without being awoken by beverage service every hour. And then the night before as we were out and about we spotted a creperie in the area. Of course I could not resist!!!! Yum!!!

After that is off to see the Tower of London. I had no idea it was so big with so many options of things to do... Guided tours, walking tours, King Henry VIII exhibit, torture chambers, prisons, museums, shopping, tea and of course the most delightful of all -wandering through the vault checking out the crown jewels!!! I thought it would be a1 1/2 hour stop but to my amazement, four hours later we were still walking and deciding what not to do. Nor did i have any clue it was 1000 years old!!! Kind of makes you chuckle thinking how we consider a home built in 1910 to be a historic building in Canada. Another fact I was amazed to learn: people actually live within the tower walls still. As we walked a short stretch of the tall wall we noticed laundry on the line, box gardens and BBQs. (as an aside, I don't think being locked within the walls every night is for me... What if you are craving pizza at midnight???) I truly think our brains grew three sizes today!!!

By that point we were ready for a bit of a break so we rested our weary feet on the hop on hop off as we learned all about the tidbits of London before grabbing an evening bite and taking some night shots on our walk back.

Quite excited for tomorrows agenda which includes a cruise on the river Thames, the Jack the ripper tour, another delightful cafe and the London Eye among many others.

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